My Metaphor

I thought that deciding on a metaphor would be a very simple task. My initial idea came to me quickly, and I LOVED the mental images I created. It was “stepping stones in learning”.

But as we began to talk look at ePortfolios created by other students, I realized that this metaphor just wouldn’t have enough depth.

So the process of picking a new metaphor continued.

Over time, I considered many options:

Human Development
House/School – rooms
Middle age
Road infrastructure
But none of these grabbed me. What was something I knew a lot about and could be used as a unique and meaningful metaphor? Brandes and Boskic (2008) stress the value of using metaphors in ePortfolios as a way to deepen reflection and learning. Something in my brain began to click. I know about raising puppies. As the daughter of a professional show secretary, a respected Shetland Sheepdog breeder, and a trainer of both champion obedience and confirmation dogs, I know puppies. I grew up living and breathing dogs. The love and passion for dogs is deeply rooted in me, and having just raised our latest family member (our now three year old Australian Shepherd), I see great potential in linking the raising of a puppy to my experiences in MET.

Brandes, G. & Boskic, N.  (2008). Eportfolios: From description to analysis. Instructional Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (9)2.

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