Gathering Artifacts

This week I’ve been revising the concept map I started last week and now I’ve begun to select the artifacts that I will showcase in my ePortfolio. One of the very first ones I looked at was my “Picassohead” that I created for ETEC 510 which was my second course in the program. I look at it now, and have to smile.  That was such a daunting task for me. I am NOT artistic, and I tried to make my masterpiece look as close as possible to what I really look like. I didn’t even know how to approach it differently.

This got me thinking about technology and education in general. How easy it is to stay with the familiar.  Fear of the unknown often stops instructors from using tech tools. But what an amazing transformation can be had when we explore, create, and stretch ourselves. So often during this MET journey I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of tech options that are out there, let alone how to actually use them and then integrate them into my teaching practice. Well, the transformation has begun. It’s an ongoing process….as learning always is.

Back to gathering artifacts now….

My “Picasso Head” created for ETEC 510 at


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