Creating a Guided Tour

One of the requirements for our ePortfolios is creating a guided tour. I have spent a lot of time looking at previous students’ tours, and thinking about what to include in mine, and how to present it. In terms of content, but guided tour must provide:

  • an exploration and explanation how the ePortfolio is organized
  • why it is organized that way
  • how it demonstrates what and how I have learned

I wrote my “script” first.  Then it was on to selecting the mode for recording. I thought back to the “SECTIONS” model for selecting technology in making this decision. There were countless options to choose from! In the end I decided to use iMovie, as I first encountered in early in MET in ETEC 565 and thought it would be helpful to revisit the tool, and it would be an effective way to record my tour.

Next came the decision of what images/footage to include. The navigation of my eP is very straight forward. Viewers simply start on the home page and can click the “NEXT” icon to move through the entire project. With this simplicity of design in mind, it didn’t make a lot of sense to show viewers how to navigate to each section. Then I had to decide if I was going to video myself talking, or if I wanted to project a series of images while I gave my tour. Because I have a video introduction of myself on the “About Me” page, I decided a series of images would be more interesting for viewers to watch, and they could simply view the images while listening to my narration.

So, I created a slideshow in PowerPoint, saved it as a movie, imported it into iWeb, did a voice over….and decided I needed to do some revising. Sigh. I missed some important content in my script, and the clips are too long. So back to work I went, and eventually I dared to upload my tour to my eP for peer review.


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