Artifact Peer Review

The peer review process has been a vital component in my ePortfolio construction. This week I received feedback from one peer on my three artifacts. Claire’s comments were very helpful in guiding further reflection. One of the things Claire recommended was getting a better connective hook at the beginning of each page. When I set up my eP, I purposely led with my metaphor then later made the connection.  Claire commented that her learning preference is to work from whole to part. I did just the opposite!  Andrew, who also peer reviewed my artifacts, liked my transitioning from my theme to my artifacts, which differed from Claire’s perspective. In the end I chose to only make minor alterations to my openings, but Claire’s feedback was a fantastic reminder that everyone has personal learning preferences, and when I am teaching, I need to be cognizant of this as well.

Claire also encouraged me to explore future goals more in my eP. I’ve related many short term goals, but haven’t really looked at 5 and 10 year plans.  I’ve pondering….


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