Looking Ahead

One of the things my peer reviewers recommended was that I pull together some short and long term goals now that MET is drawing to a close. Here is a list of some of my plans:

  • Take a significant portion of my professional development time for 2013 to continue to reflect on my MET journey and create more links to my individual teaching practice
  • Evaluate the constructivist principles in several of my online courses and then revise courses to further constructivist learning activities in those courses
  • Mentor other instructors in my department in areas pertaining to educational technology
  • Provide leadership in creating a vision for project based design to revamp several courses within our program
  • Work with our educational technologist to create a consistent design (template) for our program’s Moodle courses beginning September 2013
  • Serve as chair for COTR’s Classroom & Information Technology Committee
  • Explore options for creating a series of videos to be used as learning tools within practicum courses
  • Include a “Technology” segment at our monthly department meetings to showcase various tools and how they can be used to enhance student learning in an online environment

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