Peer Review of My ePortfolio

Once again I found the peer review process to be a very valuable part of my MET journey.  I received some feedback from Janet, one of my reviewers, who provided a lot of really positive feedback that confirmed I was on the right track. But she also had a few recommendations that would make my eP even stronger.

  • Add to my home page to provide more information about my metaphor.
  • Add “back” buttons so readers can move forwards and backwards (although she did say the headings provided easy navigations so it wasn’t essential to do so….just convenient).
  • Ensure I was making a deliberate decision to keep the tone of my eP more informal (using contractions and some other informal punctuation). My eP must have a balance between professional and personal, so I need to make clear decisions on the level for each.
  • Add a few more specific examples. Several times I comment about how meaningful a given activity was, but could make more specific statements.
  • One typo

I’ve been back revising and editing.  Peer editing is invaluable in this process!


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