Months go by. The training and care pay off, and suddenly your energetic ball of crazy puppy morphs into an energetic, happy, easy to live with companion. But the training does not have to be over. In fact, there is so much more out there for you and your four-legged friend to discover.

One of the joys of raising a puppy well, is reaping the rewards of all your hard work. A lifetime of options and opportunities await. Puppies grow into faithful hiking buddies, service dogs, show dogs, therapy dogs, and more! Dogs love to have a purpose and they love to learn.

And as my MET journey is coming to an end, I look ahead to continuing to learn and apply my learning in my teaching practice.

In ETEC 520 (Planning and Managing Technologies in Higher Education) I created a vision for eLearning for my department at College of the Rockies. At the time, it was a monumental task. The research was intensive. I entered the course with a very limited understanding of the structure and governance of post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. I had a lot of learning to do before even beginning to write my paper. In the end, however, I learned a lot about my own institution, how to access enrolment data (who knew there were forms for that?), the benefits of project management in planning for eLearning, and I created a vision for eLearning that I will take forward in the upcoming months and years as I apply my knowledge in my place of work.

While ETEC 520 was a very challenging course for me, learning about project management approaches to post-secondary eLearning development (we’ve been very lone ranger-ish!) and how that applies to my specific department within my college has been invaluable. Bates and Sangra (2011) provided me with a vision of project management, and my next steps will be to apply for innovation funds to redesign several courses in our department using this approach. It is time to take what is already good, and make it better.

It is exciting to be coming to the end of this part of my learning journey. I will continue to learn, and to reflect, and to apply my knowledge. My courses may be done, but the adventure continues!