First Steps

For me, planning any new endeavour means prep work. Researching, chart making, listing pros and cons, making choices, sharing decisions, and getting organized are tasks that help guide me along the early steps of any new adventure.

Several times in my life I have gone through the process of acquiring a puppy. For me, this is no spontaneous feat. Three years ago my husband and I began talking about getting a puppy, while our then 11 year old black labrador was still healthy and active. We researched breeds–their size, natural instincts, personality, energy level, type of coat, etc. Picking our next dog was a big decision. With two young girls at home, this new puppy had to be a family friendly beast! We talked, we researched, we communicated with different breeders, we discussed the age of puppy we were looking for, we chatted about the implications of going to a reputable breeder or going to the SPCA. We talked endlessly. Oh the choices!

After deciding I did want to return to school to earn my Masters, all that planning for program options was not that much different than picking a puppy. I researched, I charted, I discussed, and I began to get organized.

After listing the program features that were important to me (reputable institution, fully online, no on-site component, and applicable to my post-secondary focus), the decision was easy to make. The University of British Columbia’s Master of Educational Technology (MET) was the program for me.