Peer Review of My ePortfolio

Once again I found the peer review process to be a very valuable part of my MET journey.  I received some feedback from Janet, one of my reviewers, who provided a lot of really positive feedback that confirmed I was on the right track. But she also had a few recommendations that would make my … Continue reading

Looking Ahead

One of the things my peer reviewers recommended was that I pull together some short and long term goals now that MET is drawing to a close. Here is a list of some of my plans: Take a significant portion of my professional development time for 2013 to continue to reflect on my MET journey … Continue reading

Artifact Peer Review

The peer review process has been a vital component in my ePortfolio construction. This week I received feedback from one peer on my three artifacts. Claire’s comments were very helpful in guiding further reflection. One of the things Claire recommended was getting a better connective hook at the beginning of each page. When I set … Continue reading

Creating a Guided Tour

One of the requirements for our ePortfolios is creating a guided tour. I have spent a lot of time looking at previous students’ tours, and thinking about what to include in mine, and how to present it. In terms of content, but guided tour must provide: an exploration and explanation how the ePortfolio is organized … Continue reading

MET Moodle Woes

One of the hurdles I’ve been dealing with this week is the inability to provide guest access to the Moodle course I developed in ETEC 565.  The course is stored in UBC’s MET Moodle Wonderland (I’m not exactly sure of the precise location!) and the long of the short….I can’t link to what I’ve created … Continue reading

Uploaded into Vista

Okay….I am so thrilled and relieved!  Getting my eP from WordPress into an uploadable zip file was a daunting task.  Thanks to some great peer support in our discussion forums, I found the  “Site Sucker” app and it worked like a dream.  I took a couple attempts to get it into Vista correctly, with the … Continue reading

eP Proposal (Updated)

Over the past several weeks I’ve been reflecting on the comments my peer reviewers provided for my eP proposal.  I’ve added in my metaphor and included a timeline for eP completion (which I had not previously completed).  I also did some more reflecting on my assessment rubric, and included a revised draft in my eP. … Continue reading

Making Connections

I have spent many many hours over the past week going through my MET courses, reviewing artifacts, and re-examining various readings and articles. My concept map is a mess of arrows, scribbles, notes, and additions. I just had to post that I am SO benefiting by looking at my learning in a non-chronological order (which, … Continue reading

Gathering Artifacts

This week I’ve been revising the concept map I started last week and now I’ve begun to select the artifacts that I will showcase in my ePortfolio. One of the very first ones I looked at was my “Picassohead” that I created for ETEC 510 which was my second course in the program. I look at … Continue reading